Hot Selling E07 fitness tracker bluetooth OEM fitness bracelet tracker

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China (Mainland)
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fitness tracker
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1-2 days
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Bottom Price in this industry
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DHL, UPS, EMS, Hongkong post
Net Weight 8g (Gross Weight) 132g
Western Union, T T, Paypal, MoneyGram
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5000000 Piece/Pieces per Month fitness tracker
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fitness tracker

Each product is packed in an exquisite white box, including charger and instructions.

Lead Time:
1-2 days
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Hot Selling E07 fitness tracker bluetooth OEM fitness bracelet tracker


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1. Why device cannot connected with Bluetooth?(Connecting/re-connecting failed/re-connecting slow)

Because of BT wireless connection exists of signal interference problems,the time of connect is not the same, if cannot get connected for long time,please try below methods again:

(1) Shut down the bluetooth for 15 seconds,then turn it on again;Restart the phone;

(2) Logout out bracelet or login out the account and then login again.

2. Why i cannot search the bracelet?

Because the bracelet can’t search model when is bluetooth on. Please make sure your bracelet is charged and being in activated state, and don’t connect with other phone. Put your bracelet near your phone, if you still invalid, please colse the bluetooth for a while, turn on and retry.

3. Should i keep the blueooth on? If I shut down my Bluetooth on my phone, can I get my fitness data?

Before sync,fitnese data will store in the bracelet. When your phone and bracelet get connected successfully, the data in the bracelet will upload to your phone. The bracelet will store data for 1 week, when the storage get full, new data will cover the old data. So that please remember to sync data to your phone in time.Attention:If you set the reminding function,you need to keep bluetooth connected.

4. Why the data showed on app and bracelet is not the same. Such as distance, calorie?

Because everyone’s physical mechanism is different, the revelant data are not the same. So that you should set your personal information first and then check the fitness data.

5. Why i can’t charge for the bracelet?

(1) Please make sure the main machine insert direction if correct;

(2)  When the host power is lower than 3.6 V, it will take some time to pre-charge.

Attention: generally when charged for 3 to 5 minutes,it will get normal.

6. What will display when charging?

(1)  Pre-charging:when bracelet battery was off-charged,it needs a few minutes to get normal;

(2)  Charge: Battery icon on the screen is keep moving. Charging state from zero to full;

(3)  Charge:Battery icon stay with full charged state.About 2 hours will be full charge.

7. When wearing bracelet for a long time,will the bluetoon radiation be harmful to me?

The bluetooth radiation value is far less than the American FCC standard. We can ignore it.Long time wearing won’t be harmful to our health.

8. If there are a few times sleeping states during one day, will the bracelet accmulate the records?

Sleep state is set by manually, bracelet open the sleep begin to record, closed it and ended record.

9. Abnormal vibration?

This may cause for you have opened the “anti-lost” function and caused by triggered it. Also, the wireless Bluetooth connection signal will be affected by various interference, when the Bluetooth signal is weak or get disconnected, your bracelet will vibrate. So we suggest you close this function if not necessary. If abnormal vibration for a long time, please turn bracelet or phone off for a while to solve it.

10. Is this device water-proof?

This product adopted seal waterproof design, waterproof level up to IP6. It supports water-proof and dust-proof. Usually, it can be used normally when washing your face or hands.

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