iBeacon Best Prices From China

Place of Origin:
Nevada, United States
Lead Time:
3 to 45 days

Double battery solid iBeacons.

Shipping from USA (Reno, NV)

Selling due to excess inventory.

Will ship to the US only.

Minimum order of 500.

Some have equipment logo on it. They sell for $2/unit

Some have a G logo on it. They sell for $3/unit.

There may be further discount depending on how long you can wait and how many you order.

Specs as follows: (as per the manufacturer)

Plastic case

Type:TI cc2541/ Plastic case/
Battery: 2pcs CR2477
Battery lifespan :2 year to 3 year
Size: 60*35*25mm
Signal range: 100 meters

These iBeacons are never used. In new condition.

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